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Our Family

At Suitcase of Dreams Travel, we believe in the power of numbers.  We pride ourselves on joining forces with like-minded Passionpreneurs with a penchant for travel.  While we know a lot, we won’t claim to know everything.  Which is one of the reasons we align ourselves with specialists who are experts in their own arena.  Whether they work exclusively with excursions to Ireland, know all things Disney related, or speak 6 different African languages, we consider them all part of our travel family.  We live by the mantra that teamwork makes the travel dream work, especially where it concerns the future expeditions of our clients.  So, we work together to ensure your every experience is nothing short of spectacular, even if that means pointing you in another direction better suited to your ideal itinerary.  So, while the following may not be the same brand, we consider them more than allies and associates.  They are family and we would entrust our own trips to them as well!

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